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Tourism Office

L’Escala has a central tourist office which is open all year round, and another at the northern entrance which is open for Easter and from the 15th June until the 15th September. It also has two information points which are open in summer, one in the Anchovy and Salt Museum, and the other in the Museum of Archaeology of Catalunya-Empúries.

Tourism l'Escala is at your service to guide you wherever you are and to offer you touristicproducts and services to help you discover the area.

In these offices we can offer:

  • Tourist and cultural information about l’Escala- Empúries and its surrounding areas from qualified guides in a range of languages. Distribution and sale of tourist brochures.
  • Information and booking of reservations.
  • Information and sale of tourist materials (guided tours, nautical and sporting activities, musical shows, gastronomy events, etc…).
  • Assistance by telephone and in person.
  • Sale of gift objects.

Information points

    <liL’Escala also has information pointd at some of its main attractions which, depending on the time of year, are available  in the Anchovy & Salt Museums and the Catalunya-Empúries Archaeology Museum.