Visit l'Escala

Anchovy factories

The identity of the town

L'Escala has a long industrial tradition linked with the production of anchovies, at least from the time of when the writer and lawyer Francisco Zamora wrote in his "Diary of journeys in Catalonia" (1757-1812), when he commented. "In L'Escala there is much fishing and trade in anchovies, the men earn good money and there are no poor people. There is a salting house, and it is the women who take care of the anchovies". This document shows that L'Escala was already an established centre which preserved its salting tradition. Its reputation is now worldwide, and has been built over the years by its use of completely natural ingredients and craftsmanship. A visit to one of the many anchovy factories in the town is a unique opportunity to experience how the anchovies of l'Escala are still made.